Water Issue Summary for October, 2012

50% of the homes in Pebble Beach and memberships at MPCC are out of town ownerships.

For the last 6 months, there has been at least 1 article per week in the Monterey Peninsula Herald and/or Pine Cone about water.

There are 3 water related issues that have drawn a lot of press. It must be confusing for those picking up a paper while visiting from out of town because the “players” are much the same in all 3 issues.

  1. State CDO and 2016 deadline. Proposed DeSal Plant. This IS the issue for usingPebbleBeach water credits after the 2016 deadline.
  2. Reclaimed Water rate increases. MPCC, RLS, and PB golf courses have seen 50% rate increases since May. There is a request by Cal Am to the CPUC for a 174% increase next year.
  3. Monterey Water Management District fee that is attached to property taxes to fund overhead. Despite local efforts, this item will not go before the voters in November and instead will be on your property tax bill.

Recent Updates to the Proposed Desal Plan:

  1. CPUC announced they will make the decisions as to whether it is necessary for Cal Am to have a public partner in the DeSal project.
  2. No funding for “yuck” water replenishments leaving the limited groundwater insertion into Aquafir (ASR) and proposed DeSal to provide new water.
  3. Consultants were hired by the local Joint Powers Authority and they will recommend either CalAm’s or Peoples’ or the DeepWater proposal shortly.

It is now clear that all parties must be counting on the State to back down on the CDO deadline if the Desal project is at least underway; as it is highly unlikely a Desal plant can be completed by 2016.

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